About Us

Kota Kita works with citizens in making their cities a better place.

We believe that participatory approaches in urban planning and development are crucial in creating equitable, inclusive, and sustainable cities. Our initiatives currently center around but are not limited to, issues related to:

In practice, our scope of work typically covers:

Action Research

We conduct thematic and intersectional research studies on pressing urban issues that generate rich insights of local contexts and data-driven analysis, aligning the findings with practical action steps for various stakeholders involved.


We collaborate with key stakeholders - from communities and students to government officials - to design and plan urban living environments that suit the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders involved.

Participatory Data Collection

We implement the collection of current, fit-for-purpose data through participatory methodologies to represent localized urban issues through maps and graphics.

Strategic Planning & Visioning

We facilitate dialogues between governments and citizens through participatory    activities and multi-stakeholder engagements to build a shared vision and mission of their cities.

Civic Education & Empowerment

We share information and tools that build capacity in identifying, analyzing, and addressing urban problems and provide a space for civic leaders to discuss, connect and gather in the efforts to create a better future where another city is possible. 

Awareness-Raising Campaigns

We develop and execute creative campaigns to advocate pressing urban issues and the role of participatory approaches in the greater mission to promote more inclusive, resilient, and democratic cities in Indonesia and beyond.