Focus Area

Urban Inclusivity

Scope of Work

Awareness-Raising Campaigns

‘Safe Bicycling Practices’ Video

The Safe Bicycling Practices video is an educational tool that shares practical tips and traffic etiquette, the dos and don'ts for urban cyclists. The video is a part of the Women on Wheels program, an awareness-raising campaign, to promote safer, more inclusive, and bicycle-friendly urban transportation systems in Indonesian cities. 

How does this work?
The video can be shown to share practical tips and traffic etiquette on urban cycling in cities in order to encourage safe and inclusive bicycling practices in cities. The video is available in English and in Indonesian.

Who can use this?
This educational video can be used by city government officials, activists, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, and anyone who wants to promote safer, more inclusive, and bicycle-friendly infrastructure in the city.