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Urban Resilience

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Strategic Planning & Visioning

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Manual for Urban Climate Risk Management

The Manual for Urban Climate Risk Management shares a process for cities to take action on Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) results and to develop an Urban Climate Risk Management Plan (UCRMP). The final UCRMP document will provide mid-term resilience visions and agenda, which are intended for cities to use as pathways to build resilient policies, programs, institutions, and communities. Central to this approach is the creation of a city working group, or Pokja, to monitor and evaluate the action plan.

This manual shares the learning and experience gained through Kota Kita's process of developing an Urban Climate Risk Management Plan in the cities of Kupang and Makassar in collaboration with UNDP.

How does this work?
This manual provides step-by-step activities that can be followed by any city looking to develop an Urban Climate Risk Management Plan. While this manual draws from Kota Kita’s experiences in Kupang and Makassar, the processes involved are relevant to many other cities in Indonesia.

It is important to remember that the UCRMP is the second stage of the planning process, and depends on the foundational framework laid out from the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA). To inform the UCRMP process, readers of this manual should also be sure to read the Manual for Gender-Responsive Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.

Who can use this?
This manual can be used by local governments, civil society organizations, planners, universities, and at-risk communities to develop coherent resilience strategies and create effective management plans.