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Taman Rukun Mangkubumen: A New Public Space for All to Enjoy!

Wulandari Anindya Kana
Wed, 12 Apr 2023

We are excited to launch the opening of Taman Rukun Mangkubumen (Mangkubumen Harmony Park in English)! Over the past several months, Kota Kita has been working closely with residents of Mangkubumen public housing (rusunawa) in Solo to co-design a neighborhood-scale public space in the area. With support from the UN-Habitat and in collaboration with our partners, Ayo Ke Taman and Urban+ Institute, we utilized various creative methodologies such as Minecraft to capture residents’ needs and aspirations about public spaces. After a series of participatory workshops and consultations, the public space design was finalized at the end of January and is now open to the residents.

Organized together with Mangkubumen residents and our partners — Urban+ Institute and Ayo Ke Taman — we celebrated the park’s opening with a two-day event of discussions and outdoor activities. The first day of the event included a discussion between the residents and representatives from the City Government of Solo and the official inauguration of the neighborhood-scale public space by the Regional Secretary of the City of Surakarta, while the second day was intended a celebration for residents with live music, drawing activities, and a soccer competition. We're looking forward to seeing Taman Rukun Mangkubumen become a hub for social interaction and community-building in the neighborhood!

Check out Taman Rukun Mangkubumen below ⬇️