Kota Kita’s 2023 Snapshots

Wulandari Anindya Kana
Tue, 06 Feb 2024

Greetings, friends and supporters of Kota Kita!

As we left January and step into the month of February, we take a look back on the milestones that Kota Kita has achieved in 2023, made possible by your support in our mission to promote a city for all:

A GIF showcasing Kota Kita's collaborative public spaces in Solo, highlighting vibrant co-design elements and community engagement.

✍🌃 We co-designed and implemented 3 public space interventions in the city of Solo


A GIF capturing the lively atmosphere of the 10th Urban Social Forum event, illustrating diverse discussions and enthusiastic participation.

🤝 We engaged and supported urban local civil society actors

  • Provided support to three local CSOs in Solo, Surabaya, and Makassar through the Urban Citizenship Fund (UCF) scheme
  • Advocated for open and inclusive spaces within urban discourse at the 10th Urban Social Forum, with participation from over 900 attendees


A GIF featuring Kota Kita's climate foodprint report covers and our presence at Adaptation Futures 2023 in Canada.

🔍🍎 We delved into the nooks and crannies of the urban foodscape

  • Published 6 reports on the urban climate food-print in Indonesian cities
  • Shared our findings across various outlets and platforms, including a partnership with Project Multatuli and speaking engagements at the Adaptation Futures 2023 conference


Fuad Jamil from Kota Kita on stage at the U20 Mayoral Summit in India alongside the Banjarmasin mayor and other panelists, including government officials, corporate executives, development agency leaders, and researchers.

📣 We advanced conversations on the importance of building inclusive cities through national and international platforms

  • Participated in the U20 Mayoral Summit 2023 to share our participatory data collection approach for disability-inclusive cities
  • Collaborated with Kontinentalist on an interactive article on safe spaces for women in South Asian and Southeast Asian cities


In 2024, Kota Kita is determined to continue supporting and enhancing the capacity of urban local civil society actors through pedagogical, documentation, and various support initiatives aimed at further amplifying the efforts of civil society to strengthen local democracy and create better cities for all. 

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