Co-design Ngampon

Surakarta (Solo)

Co-design Ngampon is a workshop and design competition for students, initiated by Kota Kita and the Ngampon bird cage makers community. The project is supported by research initiatives by UCL London and the British Academy. Through this activity, Kota Kita seeks to facilitate collaboration between diverse parties to capture fresh ideas and increase the participation of urbanists in seeing problems and solutions to improve the quality of living space in the village and supporting creative economy. We engaged citizens, community leaders, students from various universities in Indonesia, as well as city civil society organizations and professionals. 

Together with the Kota Kita team and the mentors and through intensive interaction with residents of Kampung Ngampon, participants were challenged to help identify potential assets, space-related solutions in the village, and finally creating concrete design strategies to improve the quality of living space - as a space for creativity, economic space, and the actualization of citizenship.

Following an intensive 3-day workshop with the Kota Kita team, participants learned an overview of the Ngampon Village, from the problems to the potential faced by the villagers. This was obtained through field studies and group discussions facilitated by the Kota Kita team. In this process each team was directed to a more open, specific, strategic, and clear approach. After the intensive workshop, each team was given 14 days to complete their own design proposals.

In 2019, three selected proposals had the opportunity to present their proposals to the public and a panel of jury, through a public session and an exhibition of works in one of the exhibition halls (Rumah Banjarsari) in the city of Solo. Activities on this project are continuing in 2020 with the next step is the implementation phase. Kota Kita will facilitate public consultation and discussions with Ngampon residents as these groups will have the opportunity to sharpen design ideas and interact directly with residents of Kampung Ngampon.