About Us

Kota Kita works with citizens in making their cities a better place.

We are a non-profit organization based in Solo, Indonesia working to bridge dialogues between governments and citizens by facilitating the involvement of all citizens — especially the marginalized and excluded. Because without these voices, we will never realize a city shaped and informed by empowered citizens — A City for All.

Our Values

We Promote the Participation of All Citizens

We believe that everyone in cities is essential; we all have roles and responsibilities to actively participate in making our communities a better place. We facilitate and promote the involvement of all people, especially the marginalized and excluded, to bring in different perspectives, voices, and strengths, to make cities better places.

We Empower Future Urban Leaders

We believe that young people are the key to driving impactful change in cities. We are committed to shaping the next generation of actively engaged urban leaders by promoting learning and developing tools. We do this through research, capacity building, and providing pedagogic experiences within our organization.

We Seek to Democratize Urban Information and Knowledge

We believe that by sharing knowledge, citizens can be equipped to take advantage of opportunities and overcome the challenges that come with rapid urbanization. We are committed to raising awareness by making urban information available and accessible to promote action and change.

We Cultivate Creativity & Innovation in Cities

We believe that creativity and innovation will be the driving force to address cities’ challenges today and beyond. We strive for out-of-the-box thinking and narratives that dare to challenge the status quo to engage and mobilize citizens into taking action and participating in the development of the cities.